Active Metabolic Exercise Test Preparation (V02 Max)

Thank you for scheduling your PNOE exercise test. As part of the preparation for your test, we ask that you please adhere stringently to the following recommendations.

 No intense exercise or any exercise of more than one hour 24 hours prior to the test. Continue medications as usual. Wear appropriate workout clothing and shoes. You will need a bottle of water and a towel, and perhaps a snack for after the test. Before your exercise test, you will create a customer profile on our mobile app. You will be fitted for a mask, backpack and a polar chest strap. 

 We'll then move to the exercise equipment you selected and establish the exercise intensity levels for your unique physical conditioning.

Once your intensity levels for the test are identified and a protocol is created, you will begin your exercise test.

 The test is divided into three parts, a three minute warmup, a nine to 12 minute incremental test where the intensities are increased every one minute throughout the test and a three minute inactive recovery. 

 Your results will be emailed to you within 24 hours. We will contact you to schedule a time to review the results of your exercise test.

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