Welcome to Titan Training.

We are here to help you improve your health, physical fitness and athletic performance.

Provide you with the life saving and first aid skills to be able to respond to an emergency.

Services offered are adult, senior health, fitness, mobility, posture, balance assessments and training, weight loss education and management. Goal setting and achievement. 

Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Osteoporosis education and coaching.

Spirometry respiratory testing and training for athletic performance.

Metabolic testing and analysis.

InBody Body Composition Testing.

PNOE Metabolic breath analysis testing for athletic performance, health and weight loss.

The PNOE 10 minute resting metabolic rate test determines your unique daily caloric requirements for accurate and sustainable weight loss.

The PNOE 12 minute active exercise test will reveal which of your cardiovascular, respiratory, or muscular systems is the limiting factor in your athletic performance.


First Aid, CPR and AED Training 

American Red Cross CPR/AED First Aid Training that is OSHA complaint.

We Help People Help People CPR/AED First Aid Training to meet your every day needs.

Furry Friends First Aid Training to help your pet in their time of need.

Please look over our website for detailed descriptions of services offered.

Let Titan Training help you to help yourself to better health and athletic performance

For more information email us at info@titantraining.us

Sutherlin, Virginia United States